Frequently Asked Questions

NHS Emeritus Consultants is a fully managed national cloud-based digital platform of consultants, which Trusts can match to the relevant expertise required for remote consultations, allowing patients to be seen more quickly, and to help deliver the collective efforts on elective recovery.

The platform matches Consultants who have recently retired or who are soon to retire to outpatients waiting for appointments. Consultants can contribute to elective recovery efforts on terms which suit them, whilst Trusts are able to fill gaps in specialisms and drive down waiting lists, in a fully compliant way whilst not adding additional pressure to current Consultants.

Yes – the fully concierged onboarding model will provide a full support package to both Trusts and Consultants, which will enable the delivery of high quality, safe, and effective patient care.

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The platform is designed to suit your requirements, giving you the flexibility to book appointments as and when suits you. You will be providing additional capacity to Trusts to work through their elective care waiting lists, and therefore, whatever you feel comfortable providing will make a difference.

No. NHS Emeritus Consultants is a remote service for outpatients, and flexible to suit your requirements – allowing you to work in the location and for the speciality most suitable for you.

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