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General FAQs

The NHS Emeritus pilot offers a digital platform to connect retired or partially retired consultants who wish to use their expertise and experience to support their NHS colleagues, with those organisations and clinical teams who have the longest waits for outpatient care.

Whilst not having an exclusive focus on remote delivery, the pilot aims to make optimal use of technology, enabling clinicians to deliver care remotely and flexibly, when clinically appropriate and practically feasible.

The scope of the pilot is limited to clinicians who meet all of the following criteria:

  • Medical doctors of consultant grade
  • On the GMC register with a licence to practise
  • On the GMC’s specialist register with current revalidation

The initial phase of the NHS Emeritus pilot will run until the end of September 2024. The pilot will be evaluated with the view to extending the scope to other programmes, professions and grades, e.g., SAS doctors.

Consultants who have expressed interest in the pilot and are in scope, will be invited to register. Once the necessary pre-employment checks have taken place, the consultant will be onboarded by NHS North of England Care System Support (NECS), who are the Lead Employer. A profile will be created for the consultant on TempRE, a job matching platform, and the consultant will be provided with log in details.

Provider trusts will be able to enter remote or in-person clinical activities or Supporting Professional Activities on the TempRE platform.

Consultants will receive automated notifications of assignments relevant to their specialty or interest in performing Supporting Professional Activities. Using the TempRE website or app, consultants can signal their interest and availability and be considered for engagement and booking by the trust. Consultants will also be able to view the status of assignments.

Providers are alerted once consultants have chosen their assignment and are able to review the different profiles and compliance documents and select the consultant of their choice. Providers are responsible for providing local induction and arranging delivery of clinical activity with the consultant. Patients are booked by the provider in the normal way.

On completion of the assignment, the consultant will submit an electronic timesheet for authorisation and payment.

NHS Emeritus uses a Lead Employer model. This enables consultants to be engaged by a single employer, whilst undertaking work for a number of different providers across England, if they want to. It also provides a central point of contact for consultants for all HR, Payroll and Occupational Health matters.

The Lead Employer is responsible for:

  • All pre-employment checks
  • Holding the Terms and Conditions of service
  • Occupational Health provision
  • Ensuring Mandatory and Statutory Training (MaST) is undertaken
  • Providing the Designated Body function and Responsible Officer
  • Paying members on behalf of provider trusts, who will be cross charged
  • Providing the Responsible Officer for Emeritus Consultants
  • Paying Emeritus Consultants (on behalf of provider trusts who will be cross charged)

The lead employer for NHS Emeritus is NHS North of England Care System Support (NECS). NECS was originally set up in 2013 to meet the needs of NHS healthcare commissioners in the North East and North Cumbria. Since then, NECS has diversified and expanded the range of customers they serve, delivering support to health and social care systems locally, nationally, and internationally. NECS works closely with NHS England on a range of projects, including the NHS Emeritus initiative.

NECS Emeritus Support is a staffed service provided by the Lead Employer. They  can provide one-to-one support to consultants to help address any issues or questions they may have around registration and professional standards assurance. They will work with providers to ensure appropriate local induction is completed, and be on hand to help with any delays or queries around timesheet authorisation.

The NECS Emeritus Support team can be contacted by email at: or by telephone on: 0191 2172650

The pilot has been commissioned to support the delivery of non-admitted, planned care. This will include activities such as:

  • Specialist advice and guidance
  • Clinical prioritisation of waiting lists and triage of referrals
  • Outpatient clinics – face-to-face (onsite)
  • Outpatient clinics – video and telephone (onsite or remote)
  • Clinical diagnostic work
  • Providing expert clinical support for multidisciplinary teams

Other activities that could be performed to release substantive consultant time include providing:

  • Appraisals
  • Clinical supervision
  • Educational supervision
  • Risk and governance

The focus of the pilot is to enable providers to increase consultant capacity for elective care. Currently its scope does not extend to Primary Care, Community or Mental Health Services.

Consultants can become members of NHS Emeritus and access the NECS support service for free. The costs of pre-employment checks will be borne centrally by NHS England.

There is also no cost to providers to use the TempRE platform to find suitable cover for their assignments. Providers will however be responsible for paying for the consultants’ time. Providers will be responsible for any other operational costs relating to clinical activity and for provision of any IT equipment and access requirements.

Providers will input an hourly or sessional rate of pay when they upload assignments on the TempRE platform. This will need to be in accordance with their locally agreed rates and policies.

For consultants who do the major part of their clinical work for NHS Emeritus, the Lead Employer will support the revalidation process. As such, they will provide opportunities for appraisal, including the storage of CPD data via a digital platform, review of safety incidents (if any), and access to a qualified appraiser. It is the responsibility of the individual consultant to collect a portfolio of evidence to show that they have maintained their skills.

If the consultant holds a contract of employment with an NHS Trust or a locum agency, then the Responsible Officer will be within the organisation where the majority of their work is performed.

Consultant Specific Questions

You will be able to register to join NHS Emeritus providing:

Yes. Consultants may also join as a direct owner of a Limited Company or Personal Company. Under this arrangement, the company must be considered inside IR35. All earnings from assignments will be treated as earnings from employment, and subject to tax through PAYE.

Consultants will not be able to register under Limited Partnership Agreements, through recruitment agencies or umbrella companies.

NHS England cannot advise on the implications of registering as a private limited company. Consultants will be responsible for obtaining their own professional advice.

The following websites might be helpful sources of information:

Where a consultant satisfies the conditions set down by the law, they will be entitled to statutory sick pay at the prevailing rate in respect of any period of sickness or injury during an assignment.

As the pilot is limited in duration, there is no monetary allowance for CPD, nor paid study leave.

This will depend on the provider you are undertaking the assignment with and the nature of the assignment.

The scheme is flexible. You can work as little, or as much, as you want. The reason behind the work being listed, for example, whether it is providing cover for annual leave, sickness, or a vacant post, will impact the duration of the assignment.

Mandatory and Statutory Training (MaST) requirements ensure organisations are able to stay compliant with relevant laws and regulations. Consultants are required to achieve full compliance as part of pre-employment requirements, prior to being issued with the agreement and performing any clinical assignments.

Where you do not have evidence of completed training, you can complete any of the required online modules at:

Where role specific training is required, this can be arranged with an NHS provider by contacting NECS Emeritus Support:
Telephone: 0191 2172650

Consultants can claim a one off payment of up to £400 (£100 per hour) for time spent achieving full MaST compliance. This is offered in recognition of the time commitment to achieve full compliance and can be claimed through timesheet submission on the TempRE platform after completion of three assignments for providers. Any further payment for time for local induction and training arranged by providers will be for consideration of the provider.

All candidates are subject to the same pre-employment process, and there are certain limitations to references that can be accepted. Three years’ worth of continuous references, including most recent employer, will be required. If there is a gap in employment references, a character reference must be provided.

Yes. A face-to-face ID check is a pre-employment requirement.

Once you have uploaded the essential documentation on the Credentially platform as part of the initial registration process, you will receive an email from NECS Emeritus Support regarding arranging your face-to-face ID check. The team will explore options, dependant on your postcode, to find a locality for the face-to-face ID check that is as close as possible. They will also assist you in organising the appointment so you can attend on a day, and at a time, that is convenient for you.

It is a legal and professional requirement that individual doctors hold adequate and appropriate clinical negligence indemnity cover. For work undertaken for NHS Trusts in England, you will be covered by the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST).

Doctors participating in the NHS Emeritus scheme are advised to maintain membership of a medical defence organisation (MDO), or other indemnity provider or insurer, to retain personal medico-legal cover and support in respect of activities and services not covered by CNST.

After completing an expression of interest, we will contact you to confirm your eligibility and provide information on registration and pre-employment checks. You will then receive an email from Credentially with a unique log-in, to commence registration.

You can register for NHS Emeritus. However, please be aware, temporary registration will end on 13th March 2024. To practice after temporary emergency registration has ended, you’ll need to restore your routine registration and/or licence to practise. You would be advised to apply for this immediately as the GMC may not be able to process it by the time temporary emergency registration ends. Further information can be found here.

In order to successfully register for this pilot, you would have to restore your licence to practise in the first instance as that is one of the preliminary credentialling checks undertaken. The following guidance may be helpful:

Association of Medical Royal Colleges Return to Practice Guidance

NHSE | Returning to medicine | Health Careers

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Provider Specific Questions

As a provider trust, you will be responsible for:

  • Registering your organisation on the platform
  • Entering details of assignments
  • Nominating the rate of pay
  • Selecting and booking consultants
  • Providing the usual induction process and activities for clinical staff
  • Providing any equipment, access and training required, including IT systems
  • Providing the usual administrative support for clinical activity
  • Booking patient appointments in the usual way
  • Approving timesheets on the TempRE platform
  • Paying for the consultant’s time as invoiced by the Lead Employer within the agreed terms

Assurance of the delivery of care that is high quality, effective and safe is vital. All appropriate pre-employment checks will be undertaken and approved, prior to a consultant being confirmed onto the Emeritus scheme. In addition, the Lead Employer is responsible for ensuring that consultants are compliant with MaST requirements and that this training is maintained and kept up to date. The Lead Employer is also responsible for the ongoing assurance of professional standards, and robust processes and mechanisms are in place in relation to this.

Further information about pre-employment checks, Mandatory and Statutory Training (MaST) and professional standards are provided in the Memorandum of Understanding that exists between the Lead Employer and providers who wish to utilise the services of an Emeritus consultant.

No. As an NHS England initiative, utilisation rates will be assessed nationally. Therefore, use of Emeritus consultants should not be included in provider trusts’ monthly temporary staffing submissions.

After completing the expression of interest, we will be in contact to provide further information and next steps for your organisation. This will include providing you with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for review and execution.

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